rest is good

Just a short post today.

Had planned to go to mysore practice today — Monday. Woke at 130 am and unable to go back to sleep for a couple of hours due to Ava crying and left shoulder aching a bit. The shala is about 15-25 minutes away depending on the traffic, but I had 6 back-to-back clients scheduled from early in the morning to late afternoon.

Decided to take a rest and just go for a short run instead. Took extra care not to pull on anything heavy with my left arm (including Ava). Breezed through the day, navigating through the various channels of the psyche presented to me in the various clients who came to see me…somehow missing the body practice of yoga but also knowing that my body needed this rest, and there is tomorrow to work on Pasashana and Bhekasana…

And then, remembering the wise words of another yogi friend, reminding me that being a true yogi is not how well you do the poses with head behind leg, but how much you make the world a better place because your heart is in a better place after yoga. That really put me in a better place, overall, pain and everything. It is the faith in the practice and the journey, and I know that this is something I will continue for many years, just because of how blissful I feel afterwards, even if I can’t get a pose right or if I struggle with pain a bit. The world is always just a bit better after yoga.

So, with those thoughts, my left shoulder is aching less, and my heart feels more peaceful. I plan for mysore practice tomorrow, without expectation, only to put forth an earnestness to my own practice and to acknowledge all that is there, the good and the bad, to accept both sides of that coin…

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