The right hip ain’t too happy

Ok, so the good news. I made it to Dwi Pada Sirsasana, and my teacher David said that I could split to Second after Ardha Baddha Padma Pashimottasana (otherwise known in my mind as the third seated pose in Primary). I even got to the point where I could do Supta Kurmasana on my own, catching the right foot into the hook of my left foot behind the head. I thought it would be another lifetime before I could do that.

Ok, so here’s the bad news. My right hip isn’t very happy.

I think I might have mentioned this in an earlier post, but the feeling this time is somewhat different. Again, it’s not like I’m in severe pain. It’s not like the right hip joint is screaming, but maybe it’s more like a low groan. There is a mild, weird, distended feeling sometimes when I sit. It’s really hard to describe. It’s not excruciating but it bugs me a little. And, it just started coming up after Dwi Pada and doing Supta Kurmasana on my own. Last night, when I rolled onto my right side in bed, I heard this little “pop”! I went to yoga nonetheless and because it was Friday, we just had Led Primary (thank goodness). I went through the poses OK…and the right hip didn’t bother me until later on this afternoon.

So now I wonder what one does…do I stop binding in Supta K? Should I just lay off the Second Series, with all the Eka Pada and leg behind the head postures? Why is my body protesting? Oh yeah, of course. You’re probably thinking, “Cuz you’re putting your frigging leg behind the head, ya dumbsh*t!!” Maybe not every body is meant to tuck the legs behind the head. So, if bodies weren’t made to do this, why are the poses in there? And why do I persist in this strangely addictive Ashtanga journey?

2 thoughts on “The right hip ain’t too happy

  1. Hello fellow Ashtangi,

    I just read your blog and had the exact same “popping” experience but in my case it happened during Sharaths workshop in London. I think it’s when your SI-joint has gotten a little out of place and re-adjusts itself.
    I really enjoyed reading about your experiences during your workshop with Sharath!It’s very inspiring to me that you have taken it so far into second series! I am working on Kapotasana right now and had such a tough time coping with all the changes of my body and my mind that I have made some illustrations on the whole process. I call it “Alices Adventures in Yogaland”. It’s drawings of Alice transforming through Ashtanga. It’s on facebook for now; not sure how to share this more effectively with like minded people. I thought I share it with you since you inspired me:)
    Hope you enjoy your time in Mysore! I went in february and had a great time!
    X Esther

  2. Hi Esther,
    Thanks for your insights…I think you are right about the SI joint getting out of place and re-adjusting. I took it slow and tried not to push my body too hard. Finally I think my hip got used to the pose, and then I could proceed with less worry. Kapo is hard! It became a little easier to bear when I began to expand and bend my upper back rather than lower back. I don’t think it is ever the pose that any of us look forward to and say to ourselves, “Yay! I’m gonna do Kapo now!!” Ha. I totally love your illustrations of Alice in Yogaland, by the way!!

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