10 Signs that You Have Become an Yoga (or Ashtanga) Geek

  1. You can’t imagine beginning practice without the opening chant. Sacrilege!
  2. You can spend hours talking about the technical aspects of Karandavasana until you are blue in the face and everyone’s eyes have glazed over
  3. You begin to think more about what you wear to practice than to your work
  4. Getting up at 4:30 am for practice feels routine. Waking up at 6:30 is really sleeping in!
  5. You have graduated from coffee and wine to coconut water and wheatgrass juice
  6. You wear your hair in braids or pigtails because that makes those headstands easier; never mind that you haven’t worn your hair like that since grade school
  7. A Manduka mat becomes a necessity; anything that costs less than $100 will soon be worn through with all the jumpbacks, inversions, and arm balances that will be done in Ashtanga practice
  8. You start to want those yoga rugs that say “KPJAYI”
  9. You start fantasizing about that perfect handstand, especially after seeing those videos by Kino…
  10. You realize that you don’t want those things at all; you just want to practice because it makes you happy…

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