Some Things to Avoid before Practice

Yes. You may have guilty of these things. I confess…I have been guilty of all of them.

1. Drink the night before practice. Okay. I often enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner. I do have to say, since yoga practice, I have decreased the alcohol intake. I remember those times when I drank more than I should. Practice really did not feel good. I realized something — I’d rather feel good in practice than the buzz from drinks.

2. Stay up too late the night before practice. I think this went hand in hand with the partying and drinks. I used to stay up late, reading, watching a movie, or (gasp!) go dancing with my hubby or girlfriends on that rare night out, and delude myself that i could bounce back in the morning like I could when I was in my 20s. Nope. If I stay up past 10, practice suffers. That also goes for 9 o’ clock. So I usually crawl into bed by 8. Yeah. I admit it. I’m an old lady.

3. Eat a heavy breakfast before practice. For the first two years of Ashtanga practice, I thought a hearty breakfast would give fuel to my practice. I recall the looks of horror when I confessed to my shala mates that I often ate a heavy breakfast of two eggs, bacon, fruit, and coffee (and pancakes on the weekends) before practice. I’m amazed that none of that stuff came up during those inversions. After practice in Mysore, however, having only tea or coffee before practice, I loved how clear the body felt without the food. Since then, I have eaten breakfast after practice.

4. Wear old shoes before practice. Okay, this thing I did not consciously do. I slipped on some sweaty ballet flats one day…and found that this was not good during practice. Enough said.

5. Not have a good bathroom session before practice. This means….um, how do you say politely, colon cleansing?? Which is why coffee or tea can be helpful before practice. When you are rushed, you may think, “OK, I will just pee before practice.” Well, if you don’t poop, the bandhas don’t work too well.

Okay, I realize that this might be TMI for some folks…but I just wanted to be real here. And of course, I’m sort of curious about what others feel is necessary to do before practice, because somehow our action (or inaction) affects the practice!

2 thoughts on “Some Things to Avoid before Practice

  1. lol number 3 cracks me up. I use to do the same thing! I thought I needed fuel for my practice. But, ever since I stopped eating breakfast before, I can totally tell a difference in my deep twists!

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