june2010 023You may be wondering, “What is an Ashtanga surf yogi, anyway? Besides, you’ve the term wrong…you’re a yogini!”

But sometimes I get lazy with words. Yogini, or yogi…what does it matter? Man or woman, we do yoga.

It used to be men who did yoga, and men who surfed. Then somehow women picked up on it. Or ,maybe women did these things all along with men but never really got much credit for it.

I love surfing and yoga — Ashtanga yoga, to be precise. Don’t know exactly why it is Ashtanga yoga. All I know is that from that first day of practice, it felt incredibly hard…but also like a coming home into the self. And so, I have practiced it ever since. And it was the same way with surfing. I remember the thrill when I stood up on my surfboard the first time I went surfing, and I knew that I would do this for the rest of my life. I love these things so much!

Well, aside from these two great passions, I’m a mother of two children, and a Jungian psychotherapist. Of course, it goes without saying that I love my family, my children. And Jung is my other love. I love dreams and what they could mean for the psyche, and Jung explained it all so well. So in between these different worlds, I find a piece of the Self.

This is what this little blog is about — discovering the self and the greater Self through what I love.

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