Surf Gallery and Glossary

Here are some photos of waves and pics of me (trying) to surf on them…I think that most folks who happen to find this site are yogis more than surfers, so I have added a few common surf terms just for fun!


Bottom turn — the first turn you make on the face of the wave, after you drop in

Cutback — when you turn back on the face of the wave, to lengthen the ride

Dawn patrol crew — a term given to surfers who dedicate themselves to surfing at the break of dawn, usually because they have families, jobs, or both, and it is the only time they have to catch waves

Drop-in — when you paddle into and “drop” into the face of the wave as it begins to break

Impact zone — the area where the waves break, a very bad place to be in when you are paddling out

Leash — the cord that connects you to your board

Line-up — the area where surfers sit on their boards, waiting for the waves to come and carry them to bliss

Lip — the highest line of the wave as it begins to break

Nose — the front end of the surfboard

Noseride — one of the ultimate, classic manuevers in longboarding, where you balance your feet on very top edge of the board (its “nose”), with either five toes over or ten toes over

Off-the-lip — both a shortboard and long-board manuever, where you attempt to hit the lip of the wave with your board

Overhead — when the face of the wave is over your head, the optimal size for short-boarding

Point break — the optimal land formation for the peeling face of the wave; the landmass juts out in a “point” into the ocean, creating a predictable wave formation; an infamous surf movie featuring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze

Pump — a shortboard manuever, where you “pump” the board against the face of the wave to create more speed

Swell — the energy from a far-off storm that creates waves

Tail — the back end of the surfboard; the point where you pivot on your back foot and generate momentum for all your manuevers

Wipe-out — well, this is a no-brainer…when you fall off your board and the wave crashes on you